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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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However, it's this splitting up into 2 websites that I think it is obnoxious. "Let's turn something that was convenient and actually a deal into something LESS convenient. They'll LOVE US!" that's what I don't get.
Pretty much. Netflix is going to alienate and anger its customers by forcing them to manage 2 separate accounts on 2 separate websites instead of keeping everything in one nice, organized location. You'll have to manage 2 queues and won't get any sort of notification if something in your DVD queue is also now available to stream. If you are searching for a specific title, you'll now have to search for it twice. Go to Netflix, see if it's available to stream. If not, go to Quickster and see if it's available on DVD.

The new name for their DVD service is also a terrible marketing move, because they won't be able to use the Netflix brand that they've done such a great job at building. Potential customers will go "what the hell is Quickster?" and shun the service without even realizing that it was the same company.

It seems pretty clear to me that Netflix wants to eliminate its DVD business model entirely. First they split the company up, then wait for Quickster to crash and burn, then conveniently get rid of it due to lackluster performance. They'll say that sales figures clearly indicate that viewers only want to stream content now and that no one wants physical media via DVD.
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