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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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I felt this restored things to status quo a bit too handily, but I guess it's the nature of this show to be episodic and driven by the case of the week. And at least they came up with a somewhat credible contrivance for putting off the romance a while longer.
I'd not call it status quo.. it definitely has changed. Castle has admitted his love to himself and to her (although it took a maor event to do that) and she knows yet can't admit it openly right now.
I was talking mainly about how fast and easy it was to solve the problem of the new captain expelling Castle from the precinct. And while there have been some subtle changes, Beckett's (feigned) amnesia provided a convenient excuse to walk the characters back from Castle's admission to Beckett and put off dealing with its consequences.

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Damn, I must have been half asleep or something!
With that voice, how could it be anyone else? I didn't recognize his face at all -- he seems to have lost a lot of weight -- but there's no mistaking that polished basso of his.
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