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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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I felt this restored things to status quo a bit too handily, but I guess it's the nature of this show to be episodic and driven by the case of the week. And at least they came up with a somewhat credible contrivance for putting off the romance a while longer.
I'd not call it status quo.. it definitely has changed. Castle has admitted his love to himself and to her (although it took a maor event to do that) and she knows yet can't admit it openly right now.

The dynamic has definitely changed and kudos to the writers for not taking the easy way of either falling into each others arms the first scene they meet or have her really not remember anything thus slamming down on the reset button.

It is one of the best examples of a little continuation of the will they/won't they game so many shows like to do and in this case it seemed natural and believable.

The show certainly took a darker tone.. a not so likeable new chief, Beckett in serious trouble and Castle on the brink.. i like it but i hope it won't be this dark forever.. i like Castle especially for its humor and Castle's antics and this has to return (and i bet it will.. season premiere was just too soon).

And when i heard that she dumped Dr. Motorcycle-Boy i first clapped and then absolutely knew that she heard him.. my inner shipper is content with the development

And Castle's back! (it was a long summer)
"Chewie, we're home.."
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