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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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Neroon you're right, everyone needs a Klingon psychiatrist. I can just imagine him telling Beckett, "You will find the petaQ who killed your mother and Captain Montgomery, and you face them in combat like a true Klingon warrior and you kill them with your Bat'leth!"
I am so glad that's clearly not the direction they're going; Dorn is evidently playing a much gentler, more thoughtful character here, and it's great to see him doing something so different instead of just rehashing something he stopped doing years ago. Heck, even Worf had grown beyond that tedious Klingon stereotype by the time the DS9 writers were done with him.

Michael Dorn has a rich and versatile career beyond Star Trek. Most of it has been in animation voice work, though, so it hasn't been as high-profile (except among animation buffs like me). I'm glad to see him in a live-action role that lets him rise above lazy typecasting.
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