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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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The GCD change for torpedoes is good. I always thought it strange that you were only allowed to fire one torpedo tube at a time. My friend will be glad to hear this info as he's been wanting to build a torp boat.

Perhaps I'll make something with a Star Cruiser. Four Tetyron beams and Tachyon Harmonic plus Beam Target Shields Subsystem to lower shields with four torpedoes.
Better take an Assault cruiser or if you have it, the Excelsior. Starcruiser will be useless as a torpboat because of it's poor turnrate.
Which is a pity, the Starcruiser would be perfect for this, the ship has forwardfiring port and starboard tubes!
It should be able to fire them 360. Or at least be the only ship firing torps broadside instead of front and rear. Now there is a retrofit ability!
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