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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

I think that Netflix and Dish (blockbuster) are rushing to get their net based streaming businesses in order because they are worried about the studios bid Digital Download push this xmas season and next year as well as what Apple and Amazon have in store.

The push by studios toward Digital Downloads was bad enough, but with Amazon's new Kindle with the included Prime membership, and Apples looming but still rumored TV unit, the industry insiders know that it's reaching a boiling point. Optical Disk format is in line to be obsolete as the primary mode of video distribution, outside of audio and videophiles and Bluray.

Mass distribution will be streaming, downloads, and sales of SD cards and USB thumb drives with the movies on them. These businesses need to adapt or die. THe Netflix CEO knows this, and is pushing his company into a stronger position long run by splitting off the successful but soon to be dead weight that is the DVD-by-Mail business.
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