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Re: Sigils and Unions/SigCat: The Spark in Yartek's Eye

Wow, from candles and gas lights to landing on another planet within 90 years! Clearly, the presence of another habitable world in their system spurred not only stories, but scientific and technological progress as well. They had a goal and it seemed reachable to them to work hard and fast to accomplish it. And they did.

I especially liked that society changed to let real names of Tehir and Miti be known. Seems like a lot of things changed on Hebitian within those 90 years and those changes weren't limited to building a rocket and sowing warm clothes.

And the title once I thought "It must be a tabloid!"

But the situation on Hebitian in the times of Tehir an Miti was really troubling. The aggression against the Hăzăkda, the justification of that aggression and lack of any reaction from their spiritual leader? I wonder if it stopped by the time of Skadren; if in the face of possibility of "alien" lifeforms the Hebitians felt that they are all one, not two and not first-second. Tehir and Miti's real names were revealed, so maybe other changes to better followed.

It is clear, though, that while they criticise the spiritual leaders and disagree with them, they don't reject their religion and Oralius. They just think that those people are misguided and misinterpret Oralius's will.

And then their energy goes to discussing the technology of the future. Now I imagine that Tehir's books were a lot like Star Trek: sci-fi but a few decades later futuristic devices and tools from his stories became everyday items, surrounding everyone and serving everyone every day.

A great story
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