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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

I felt this restored things to status quo a bit too handily, but I guess it's the nature of this show to be episodic and driven by the case of the week. And at least they came up with a somewhat credible contrivance for putting off the romance a while longer.

I am very glad to see Beckett voluntarily seeking out psychiatric help, instead of just falling into the cliched, foolish pattern of treating mental health care as some kind of stigma. When she was denying that anything was wrong earlier in the episode, I wanted to say to her that you make yourself weaker, not stronger, by refusing to admit and confront your problems. So I'm glad she figured that out on her own.

The research seemed to be pretty good. The medical dialogue in the opening had a believable quality to it, and they seemed to understand that a defibrillator is meant to stop a heart that's beating irregularly (i.e. fibrillating) and let it resume normal function on its own, rather than the usual TV/movie mistake of using it to restart a stopped heart. And it was nice to see the new captain point out the conflict of interest in a detective investigating her own assault.
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