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Re: Christina Hendricks: Babe of the week #38 (Sept. 2011)

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Damn it!

Drive is not playing here, anywhere. I seriously want to see this movie.

But, hey--no problem, right? I can always go see I Don't Know How She Does It instead.

Fucking movie theatres anyway.

Sorry--there didn't seem to be another thread in which to vent my displeasure. Thumbs up to Christina Hendricks. Maybe I'll get to see her movie someday.
Trust me, you seriously do not want to go see this movie. I didn't think it was possible for something to be sooooo boring and yet so insanely, unnecessarily violent, while being self-absorbed in its deep meaning and artistic direction to the point I actually forgot what I was watching scene to scene. Is it an action movie...a drama...a romance...a mob flick...a horror film...a redemptioner...a revenger? I have no fucking clue and neither did the people making it. It's been a while since I left a movie and actually started spontaneously talking to strangers who were having the same conversation with their companions that I was: "Holy shit, that movie sucked, I want my life back, what the fuck were they thinking?"

And Hendricks is in it for all of, maybe, six minutes of screen time, wherein she says 2-3 lines.

Thumbs up. She's hot. Yay.

Can't believe she's married to the creepy loser from Devil.
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