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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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There's nothing about this I don't like, so far. I like the art. I like the first person narration. I like the fact that it's a reboot.

I'm surprised that I'm looking forward to Supergirl #1, because Supergirl's not a character I've ever paid a whole lot of attention to. She is one of the first comic book characters I remember reading about, though, along with Superman (of course) and Batman. She's been through so many versions, and so many of them confused and annoying (IMAO and to the admittedly vague extent that I noticed them) since COIE that if any DC character is more likely to be improved by and less likely to be damaged by rebooting one more time it's probably her.

Oh, and I like the costume.
I like the cape a lot, and everything above the wasteline is fine. The chastity belt/diaper/thing is sort of goofy. Not a fan of the bare legs or kneeless boots, because they don't jibe with my preconceptions, but they don't look bad.

The makeup is unnecessary and raises questions, but comic book women secrete that from glands in their face; it's probably just something no one even remotely bothered to think about, which if I'm being realistic I can't be disappointed in.

I was right about how sparse the pages are. Four pages, and an average of 2.25 panels per page? Jeez. In fairness, I know what the next page looks like from a preview of Asrar's pencils, which raises it to a whopping 2.4. I'll even be extra fair, like appellate court judge fair, and take out the splash; and it's still only 2.75. I dunno, maybe the rest of the book is written like Berlin, but I doubt it.

Hound of Ulster wrote:
Keith Giffen as the new writer for GA.

(And a man who knows how to rock a nine-panel grid.)

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