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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Yeah I thought I recognized them. I don't like Kara's costume either. Interesting that it implies she arrives to Earth already in it lol. I'm guessing that these are like regular Kryptonian clothing in the 52Verse.
"If I graduate" from what?

In fairness, it's not like they had much say in how it looked.

The art is pretty decent, but doesn't really match the words. They say it's going through the mantle? That's not what an impact drilling through the mantle would look like, it'd be a bit bigger.

Also, Supergirl fights mechas yaaawwwn. And "A restricted area"? What is? Siberia? Earth? This is what second drafts are for guys.

Kara's narration is okay, though.

ETA: and about the art, I'm getting the distinct impression that Asrar is one of those guys who is much better at drawing people than he is things. I mean, that's illustrious company--Jae Lee can't draw shit except people (and gargoyles), and Pete Woods has a hard time of it too occasionally

Allyn Gibson wrote:
Planetary was as close to a labor of love as you can get from a big publisher; there was very little money in it upfront for Ellis and Cassaday, so they would frequently chase paychecks, Ellis by writing other books, Cassaday with his artwork for Marvel and Dynamite and, later, his film work. It wasn't laziness but paycheck economics that caused Planetary to be spread across ten years.
My understanding was that Ellis got sick, and didn't have the thing scripted, and Cassaday had to seek work in order to live (although it doesn't appear he has to do so anymore, given his recent output has been--entirely?--incredibly bland covers, including that hilarious [yet still bland] one from JMS's Superman), and then when Ellis recovered, he actually lost a lot of interest in doing Planetary, and finished it begrudgingly.

Maybe it's a chicken and the egg thing. Like, he couldn't do regular work on Planetary because of money, but when people bitched about it, he started getting sick of Planetary.

Of course, given that Planetary was surely his best-loved work of the past ten years, if he wasn't making money off it, something's weird.

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