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Does Dexter ever make mistakes? Has he ever killed an innocent person?
Yes, he killed at least two innocent persons, one in series 3 and one in series 5.
The first one was an accident, and the second one was out of misguided rage.
And how did he react? From what I have read about this show, Dexter is not capable of remorse. Is that right?
No, not at all. Dexter *thinks* he is incapable of remorse, but we can see in his reactions that he is indeed remorseful about breaking the code. He worries that his son will grow up "damaged" by him; he feels terrible guilt about what happens to Rita. He frequently describes himself as an unfeeling monster, but he worries about his sister, his son, etc. I think it makes Dexter even more interesting---he is BOTH a monster and a nice guy at the same time.
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