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Re: Why did Chakotay Choose to be with seven instead of janeway?

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There was no reason to play with that monkey.

It was Janeway's subconscious defending her own virtue.

The selfcoochblock is usually seen as a dickmove, but I'm thinking that it was necessary becuase even if they weren't going to be rescued, if she gave it up to the Indian, he would get bored and move to the other side of the planet.

Only by keeping what's between her legs a celebrated mystery would Citizen Janeway be able to maintain a healthy relationship with Chakotay, and by healthy I mean, I mean that he keeps doing what she says without having to beat obedience into him.
They were the only people on the planet, they needed each other for survival and who would want to be alone in a time like that?

They certainly had feelings for each other then, and not by a relationship of 'Captain and Commander' since that was well past them now like Janeway had said when clearing up after the storm, and also shown when he was on first name basis with her.

When things became awkward between them, she wanted to 'define parameters' but didn't expect for him to confess the true extent of his feelings towards her by the 'Angry Warrior story' and was surprised to hear he had such strong feelings and what did she do? she cried and held his hand rather intimately, that pretty much tell's you that they were about to cross the line between friends and enter into something more. But as the story of that went it was done without proof, so really it is up to what you perceive of that situation.

Personally I believe something more happened after that, but you can believe what you want. That episode was a way to 'throw a bone' to the J/C fans without upsetting those who disapproved.

Either way they were in it together, whether they were friends or lovers. They couldn't make it a life time on New Earth without one another, it's as simple as that.
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