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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

Say you made the yummiest cake in the universe, and the next day, you want some more of that cake but you've already eaten it? So what are you going to do, follow the recipe exactly to recreate the yummiest cake in the universe again which is equally as satisfying and exactly what you want, or do you deepfry a turkey?

TNG was made by the TOS people. It was a 1960s model. It's how they knew how to make a TV show, and that's fine, and it's still done today and that's fine too. Voyager was still TOS as much as it ever was TNG from a production standpoint.

The suits from network wanted a proven model that would make them money, and the producers may have wanted to do better than they had before but... Could they? I mean it's not like they would be holding back their talent for some reason?

Unless they believed as I believed that a different model would target the wrong audience, they would miss their marks and fall flat on their faces before the audience they wanted found them as the audience they had wandered off furious that they were not being satisfied.
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