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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

We all knew this day would come eventually, when Netflix dropped DVD service to focus on streaming exclusively, but it has come way too soon! This is something that should happen at least five years down the road, when they have built up a more impressive streaming library and more subscribers have naturally shifted towards that rather than DVDs.

It was already happening to me; five years ago I used the DVD service exclusively and thought that the introduction of streaming had nothing to do with me since I would never use it. Now, my DVD queue has dwindled to a very low number while my instant queue has grown. If other customers have followed a similar trend, then in a few more years the branching off of the DVD service would not seem like that big of a deal.

However, the streaming just isn't good enough yet to justify this move so soon. Now when I think about it, I'm just paying for an online streaming service that only has a handful of movies and two or three TV shows that I even want to watch. I might as well just get Hulu Plus and be able to watch more television online. Or not pay for any such service and just continue to watch TV like I did for years. The movies on instant streaming just suck.
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