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I found the first season to be incredibly boring and predictable. I stopped watching about 8 episodes in. I tell people that, and they can't wrap their heads around it because they all love it. Maybe it gets better, but I was so underwhelmed with what I had seen that I don't care enough to find out.
I probably would have said the same at that point. The show didn't change, but my attitude did as I went on. I don't know if that would happen for you if you don't like Dexter himself though.

auntiehill wrote: View Post
I enjoy the gruesome humor, the office politics, and the fact that a serial killer is also a "vigilante hero" of sorts.
"Vigilante" is a good word. I thought the same thing a few seasons in. He was like a superhero without a costume.

LitmusDragon wrote: View Post
I think the genius of the show is that they've made the Dexter character so sympathetic. I never expected to be rooting for a serial killer.
Technobuilder wrote: View Post
I never expected to be pondering a rationalization for why a serial killer that kills serial killers (and other general baddies) could be in his own odd way a good and in fact decent person.
Yeah, I think it's the writing, the right tone and the fact that we've gotten to really know Dexter, something we don't usually get with other bad guys.

auntiehill wrote: View Post
I think this show only had a one season left in it....two at the most. It should probably wrap up soon. I'm not sure how they could possibly end this and have it feel satisfactory...but I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with.
I read that the show has been renewed through season 7 and that there are no current plans for the show to end. I hope it doesn't go the way of House and get stale. It hasn't gotten that way for me just yet. Sure it's repeating itself with serial killer after serial killer or someone new coming into Dexter's life, but none of that has gotten old for me yet.

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
I think there's a vibe to S1 that they didn't successfully continue in subsequent seasons, mainly the notion that Dexter is a truly scary and dangerous person, who could be seduced to become a "bad" sort of serial killer. Instead, the show has been flirting with the notion that Dexter could in theory be reformed, which I think would be a betrayal of the show's premise.
I noticed that at the end of season 5 when Lumen was cured. There was some suggestion that Dexter could be rid of his Dark Passenger. Up until then, this "dark passenger" seemed like just a cute word for his need to kill instead of a "thing" he could get rid of. I was indifferent toward this idea until you mentioned it, but the more I think about it, the more I find myself not minding this development. There's a prevailing belief that negative traits aren't part of the real person, but instead, are things that "possess" us and can be vanquished, so I don't mind that the show touched on this. I don't know how I'd want to see it played out though.

S5 - eh, didn't care for it. Dexter in full meltdown would have been far more gripping.
I'd say he was too shut down to really go ballistic.

S6 - I've decided that this show is no longer worth shelling out for Showtime, so it's back to Netflix DVDs for me. Maybe if S6 turns out to be back to form, I'll relent and start subscribing again, but they have to win me back. No more pulling punches. I also hope they aren't going to try to drag this story out so long that it loses its oomph and turns into a procedural.
I thought about watching weekly, but I don't think I will. I like being able to run through a full season in a few days.

I also was amazed to learn they shoot the show in LA. Much of the housing (and of course the beaches) looks very similar in both cities, but I had no idea there were wetlands/swampy areas around LA that could sub for Florida.
The swampy wetlands were the first thing I thought of too. Now I'm trying to think back, wondering if they dressed up some of the shooting locations with the right flora.

timothy wrote: View Post
I don't know how many here have tried the books but there awesome.
Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
Also, the book plotlines go in wildly different directions from the TV show, not necessarily good ones.
I haven't read the novels, but I read that...

Deckerd wrote: View Post
The first two seasons were the best. Then it lost its oomph and never got it back. It's a shame. Possum (or Locutus, I can't remember which) said the character had to develop but I disagree. A sociopath doesn't really develop. They are effectively disabled.
I don't think they're completely disabled. There's always something in there and we saw that come out from time to time. I noticed that a lot of his development as a more compassionate person came about when Rita and the kids became more entrenched in his life. Plus, he's always had some of that humanity when it came to his sister and colleagues.

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