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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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Not keen on the "Qwikster" name. I'm already seeing people spelling it "Quickstar" and I'm betting a few people find themselves staring at the Amway website in bafflement (Quixtar). They could have just called it Netflix By Mail. Or Netflix II: The Revenge. Or Netflix Old School...or...something...
Yeah I just don't get this part at all. Netflix is an established, successful business that started as a DVD business, and has an established brand name identity with the public. Why eff with that?
Maybe they decided the "Netflix" brand has been wrecked and they really want to save the DVD business, so they're giving the DVD side a new name so people won't think, "Hey, that's Netflix, those bastards!"
Yeah but they're keeping Netflix for the streaming company. I'm inclined to think they may wreck both in the process. I'm not as convincedl, as many here are, that streaming is truly the future, what with the enactment of data caps by ISPs and the lack (or high expense) of sufficient broadband coverage in many areas.
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