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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Oh what a lovely weekend!

I'm actually horse today from all the screaming at the radio I did Saturday! Was driving home from seeing my mum listening to the game, and obviously just a couple of minutes in I was devastated...luckily emotions reversed with time!!

Forest just seem to be in self-destruct mode at the moment (much like, as has been said, the Gunners) I'm not sure if it's the board or MaClaren to blame but I have to say, signing only name players isn't really the best use of a budget (seriously who did Andy Reid eat?) I see Jewell is intent on making the same mistakes with Ipswich that he made with Derby as well.

I still don't think we have what it takes in the tank to go all the way this year, but I can't see how we won't finish considerably higher than last year now, and I don't think a tilt at the play offs is beyond us.
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