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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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^^^^ Right, this was the retcon I was asking about originally, which has already been explained. Back during the Reign of Superman era though, it was "correct".

Of course, everything has been changed now.

Do people feel the new Superboy is worth buying? I wasn't overly impressed with the artwork, but from what I've heard of the story, it sounds compelling.
I like the cover art. It's nice to know that there's a place at DC for people who can't draw ellipses.

Damn, I said that I was going to buy 10 comics with this relaunch and save some space for other titles from other companies, but now I am up to 12 and the list is threatening to grow.
And only halfway through, too...

Yeah, I've wound up buying a lot more than I planned to, along the lines of ten so far when I'd planned on roughly one, Batwoman, with a possibility of Firestorm (basically just to support Gail Simone in a way that didn't make me feel dirty, e.g., not Batgirl-related). DC: better at marketing than I ever realized?

Granted, the only one I'm genuinely excited about the next issue of is Animal Man (well, and Batwoman), and there are maybe a few I will pick up the second installment of. Not Grifter, of course. That piece of crap can't get cancelled fast enough. I think I was way generous to give it a D+.

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