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Re: Dominion Wars on Vista/Windows 7

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Hey Yochenhsieh, old post yes but I am having no luck trying the above. I am using Vista and a copy I bought in the UK. I really want to get this game going again and would love your help developing the English EU version! Dont mind passing on a fiver or summit for the help as well if your game
Could you please try install DW again, and post some info here:
1) The filename of game exec is 'ds9dw.exe' or 'dw.exe'?
2) The filesize and last modified date (should be sometime in 2001) of above file?
3) Can you run English EU patch 1.03 to 1.04? If not, Which file did it have error and stop patching?

Thanks for your feedback. It's rare to meet someone have English EU version so I need more info on it. There are just too many variant versions of this game (which is also a problem for troubleshooting).

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