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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

I just finished it last night. I really enjoyed it. And now that I've read it was supposed to be two books, it makes even more sense!

Things I liked:

Qat'qa. She was awesome! I usually have a hard time relating to Klingons, so I'm not in love with them, but she was cool! I like her a lot! I hope there's more of Kat in upcoming books!

Geordi. Seriously, I don't want to be a butt, but in other books and in TNG, Geordi bored the poopie out of me. In Typhon Pact 4, every time there was a Geordi chapter, I put the book down and had to force myself to pick it back up! So boring! UNTIL THIS BOOK! Geordi was really interesting in this book! Lots of good character development! I really enjoyed it!

Barclay. LOVE Barclay! He's just so quirky and fun! I REALLY hope something comes of him and this "pretty" Romulan woman. It's an impossible relationship! I hope it's made possible, because I loved it!

Sela. WANT MORE SELA PLZ! She's fascinating!

Things I wasn't so sure of:

Guinan. So...with Guinan we hear that something has driven her to join Challenger on this mission. and in the end, I'm not sure there was a big omg moment of finding out the WHY. Maybe I missed something. I did finish this book at midnight and I was super tired. But I was expecting something big from that. or maybe it was just that she needed to be there to connect to these aliens? I don't know, I suppose I wanted it to be something personal....*shrug* Maybe it's my fault for my silly expectations!

I could've used more romance between Geordi and Leah. I read earlier in the thread that there was development in their relationship in another book..I haven't read that one, so I missed out!

Overall, a really good read! I give it an above average!
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