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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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^ I'm still concerned with this new direction they are taking Supergirl in. Once again we get a totally new version of her. Seems this happens once every few years or so. Crisis. John Bryne Matrix version. Peter David angel version. Michael Turner version, and of course Karen Starr. Sigh. LOL.
Well, I've got no particular problem with the one-sentence pitch as given for the Mikes' Supergirl ongoing. It'd be my one-sentence pitch too, and if you're going with the cousin from Krypton angle, i.e. not introducing weird new stuff like the Matrix and pocket universes and earth-born angels (...kay), it's almost necessary.

But what's "mysterious" about her origin? She's the last acculturated survivor of a dead race, who has powers, and is in tension with the other survivor, who is effectively human.

Supergirl's origin is kind of obvious, and if it's not, you're missing the point entirely--that should be pretty upfront, because the point is how she survived and everyone else died.

That said, I found an interview with the Mikes that actually sounds like they sort of get it, although they might be committing the mistake, as have so many others, of treating Supergirl as a "teenager." Technically true, but this has never, ever really worked, with the possible exception of David's run, which is really more like a Tangent Universe property. It didn't work when Binder did it, but at least that gets a pass for being Silver Age nonsense with no sort of psychological realism, but it really didn't work when Loeb and Kelley and Puckett did it. They leaven this impression with the notion that they at least seem to grasp that she's an alien, and that the "survivor of a planetary holocaust" aspect is a bit more important than the "young and stupid" aspect.

Some choice bits:

Mike Johnson wrote:
We'll also be bringing back a character who used to be on both sides of the hero/villain equation and hasn't been seen for awhile. This person was associated with the Justice League. But when we started talking about the character, it seemed like this character would be a great foil for Supergirl.
Oh God. They're bringing back Triumph, aren't they?

Actually, I'm strangely okay with that...

Mike Green wrote:
We talked about action, and wow, Mahmud's action scenes are amazing. We have a huge gift here that we get to work with Mahmud. I feel like we don't even need to write a script... we just need to let him draw pictures of Supergirl flying around Earth and hitting villains...
That line is delightful, in that it could be so easily taken out of context.

theenglish wrote:
I don't get this though. When Superboy was created, Luthor was in a clone body posing as his own son. When Cadmus took Superman's body to clone it, Luthor, Lois, and Supergirl worked to stop them. Did the retcon just completely ignore this story altogether? (I actually thought that this was just a Smallville invention originally.)
Yeah, I dunno if that still happened (well, it definitely didn't now). He wasn't even born in Metropolis anymore. DC hates John Byrne, you see.

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