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Re: Dominion Wars on Vista/Windows 7

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First of all, you should install Dominion Wars in your PC.

I recommend patch it to v1.04 after installed. You can download patches here:
US version: use v1.01 to v1.04
European (English) and German version have different 1.04 patch repectively. Some users reported the 'Unofficial' XP patch is also needed for these versions (but it is in fact the ds9dw.exe of US v1.04).

Download the wrapper and extract ddra2.dll to your DW folder.

(Before you proceed, always backup your ds9dw.exe)
Download XVI32 hex editor, and open your ds9dw.exe in XVI32. Search and replace 'ddraw.dll' with 'ddra2.dll' (text string). Save file.

(If you have winxp, set compatibility mode to Win98/Me. For win7, you don't need to do that.)
Try to run ds9dw.exe and see if it works.

I'm making a general patcher which will include official patches and the wrapper in one wizard-like installer. But I need testers who have European (English) and German versions. (I have US version myself.) Please reply if you can and want to help test it.
Hey Yochenhsieh, old post yes but I am having no luck trying the above. I am using Vista and a copy I bought in the UK. I really want to get this game going again and would love your help developing the English EU version! Dont mind passing on a fiver or summit for the help as well if your game
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