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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

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I'd like that. But how does it work exactly? I've had a quick look round, but it doesn't seem to be a bulletin board in the same way TrekBBS is. There's categories and judgings and all sorts going on - I'm a bit intimidated.

AdAstra is an archive. Here you post your stories and people read and review them.

There is also AdAstra forum. You don't post your stories here, but you interact with other writers from AdAstra. Some sections are not available for non-registered, but you can take a look to see what the forum is about and how different from the archive.

As for judging, it's only about technical matters: grammar, spelling, etc. The content is not judged, because the owner wants the archive to be open to all sorts of stories, so that everyone can find something interesting to read.

I say give it a try
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