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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

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And a question. Wasn't Oralius a she? That's how the deity is referred in Treklit--at least in the books that I'e read. I didn't read Glories of the Hebitians and Well of Souls, so I wonder if she isn't a "he" in these books.
I got the impression that Oralius itself was seen as genderless, but that each person channeling it at any one time referred to it by their own gender. I'm sure there was a scene somewhere - A Stitch in Time? The Lotus Flower? - where there's both a male and a female Guide, and the male refers to Oralius as he, and the female refers to it as she. So that the gender issue is less about what they're channeling as it is about who is doing the channeling.

But then the Guide in the Terok Nor trilogy is always a female called Astraea, so maybe you're right.

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Garak...Somehow it feels strange seeing him so soft and friendly. It's certainly him when he kills Jatrek, but having dinner with the O'Briens? The O'Briens inviting him for dinner?
Garak himself is horrified at the thought. But people have been growing more comfortable with him for years now, and trusting him. I don't think any of them have any illusions about what he can do or has done, but they're willing to see the good in him too.

But as you say, it doesn't change what Garak is deep down.

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It always bothered me to see that Garak in Treklit was considered such a nice, good, pro-democracy fellow, while in the show he was a supporter of oppressive Cardassia. For God's sake, he used to be an Obsidian Order agent and he enjoyed that job! I wonder if facing near genocide of his race changed him, but I never saw in the show any signs that Garak was able to change.
Here I'm not sure I agree. Even on the TV show, Garak was pretty clearly on the Federation's side by the end of season 5 - he served openly on the Defiant and gave them intelligence against his fellow Cardassians. I don't think there's any doubt that he did that not out of any greater loyalty to the Federation but out of his own love for Cardassia. But that's the thing - he loved Cardassia and its people more than he loved any one political system on Cardassia.

I'll grant that the Lit has pushed harder in that direction than TV did, what with pushing him closer to the Oralian Way and giving him a background of sentimentalism and having been "forced" into the Order without a say in the matter. But I don't know that it's an unbelievable or unlikely development. I still think that Garak would support whatever system he thinks holds the best chances for a safe and happy Cardassia. If that's anti-Federation one day and pro-Federation the next, so be it.

I also had my little nod here to the short story "The Slow Knife" from the Seven Deadly Sins collection. That story established that Garak was involved in making the Setlik Massacre happen (without naming names, but it was pretty clearly him). It gives a whole new element to Garak's teasing O'Brien about that in "Empok Nor." And I wondered if, in the ruined emotional state Garak is in by "The Calling," he might be driven to apologise to O'Brien for that. But then I thought that no, Garak would never let a secret like that out. So I settled for another middle ground - apologising without actually saying what he's apologising for.

In that way, I think Garak and O'Brien have as interesting a relationship as Garak and Bashir, or Bashir and O'Brien.

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I'm not Enterprise1981, but I'd say that if you'd like to post your stories at AdAstra--go ahead. Some people are present here and there, but there many people who are not on this forum and the would have a chance to read your stories.
I'd like that. But how does it work exactly? I've had a quick look round, but it doesn't seem to be a bulletin board in the same way TrekBBS is. There's categories and judgings and all sorts going on - I'm a bit intimidated.

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