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TNG Character Showdown: Klingon Belly Laughs Part 1!

Hello everyone! Sorry I'm really late on getting the new round of voting up and going!

In case you missed the results of the Photoshop edition, KNH brought home the gold. Congrats!

Now the Klingon Belly Laugh edition! After some thought about how to properly do this, we'll have two rounds of voting, with half of the contestants in each. 2 Finalists will go on from each to the final four final voting round!

We have an odd number of entries, since the Worf contest had two Klingon Belly Laugh Awards, by virtue of a coin toss, the odd number will be in the second round of voting.

Here we go! Lets see the Contestants!

TigerOfDarkness wrote: View Post

The photocopier failed to meet the demand for signed photos...
Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

RIKER: Thats the third car that passed us by. Looks like you're gonna have to lose the top.
Isis wrote: View Post

Announcer (OS): "The most interesting android in the galaxy..."

Data: "I don't always drink alcohol, but when I do, I prefer whatever the sponsor of this commercial puts in front of me, as long as the money is good."
Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post

Geordi: "I've got nothing to say to you O'brien. You know why."

O'brien: "What is wrong with you people?!"
Mojochi wrote: View Post

Riker: Sir, what's Q mean, you and Dr. Crusher? He doesn't mean on this table does he?

UssGlenn wrote: View Post

Worf: You need to dilate by HOW much?
Happy Voting!
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