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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

Ok, I finally found time to read the last episode.

And a question. Wasn't Oralius a she? That's how the deity is referred in Treklit--at least in the books that I'e read. I didn't read Glories of the Hebitians and Well of Souls, so I wonder if she isn't a "he" in these books.

Garak...Somehow it feels strange seeing him so soft and friendly. It's certainly him when he kills Jatrek, but having dinner with the O'Briens? The O'Briens inviting him for dinner?

It always bothered me to see that Garak in Treklit was considered such a nice, good, pro-democracy fellow, while in the show he was a supporter of oppressive Cardassia. For God's sake, he used to be an Obsidian Order agent and he enjoyed that job! I wonder if facing near genocide of his race changed him, but I never saw in the show any signs that Garak was able to change.

Interesting details about Ghemor's assassination and the details of Cardassian political situation.

I'm not Enterprise1981, but I'd say that if you'd like to post your stories at AdAstra--go ahead. Some people are present here and there, but there many people who are not on this forum and the would have a chance to read your stories.
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