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Re: First 20 Pages of The Struggle Within Available on S&

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Hmm, now that does kinda change things. I didn't realize there were that many e-book exclusives that were so cheap.
Amazon's Kindle Singles, which are eBook originals, are similar in length to The Struggle Within -- the target length is 15,000, though they do range down to 5k and up to 30k -- and they're priced between $0.99 and $4.99. The first one I bought was Frank Delaney's Undead, an interesting and atmospheric essay on the writing of Dracula, and it was just under a dollar, and I think it ran 15k.

I can see reasons why 99 cents wouldn't be a viable price for a Star Trek eBook original. There are a lot of built-in costs, such a Pocket's licensing fees, editing, and formatting the eBook for multiple platforms. (With Kindle Singles, there's only the single format.) But I think $2.99 would be a feasible price, though I suspect that the Kindle Single 70% royalty rate wouldn't be doable.

There's still a lot of madness out there in eBook pricing and not a lot of reason. I've always thought, going back to the days of Microsoft Reader and the first S.C.E. novellas, that the pricing tiers should adhere to a simple logic -- from top to bottom, hardcover, trade paperback, mass-market, eBook. And since for the first three, the next level down is approximately half of the level above it, then the eBook should be about half of the mass-market price, which these days would make it about $3.99 for an eBook. Publishers, though, are reticent to price eBooks at that level, because they're afraid that doing so would gut their print sales. And that, of course, doesn't account for eBook originals; where should they go in the pricing? Publishers are still working that one out.
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