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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

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Okay... I'm 2 eps into season 4 and i'm baffled beyond belief right now...


when the hell did Scorpius get captured by Grayza? during the "previously on Farscape" intro to ep 2 of season 4, you see clips of him, his 2nd in command, and Grayza.... but I never saw those scenes. i went back into the last ep of season 3 and the first ep of season 4 and can't find anything. help please!

i'll post my thoughts on season 3 once i get this whole thing figured out. i still gotta wrap my head around what exactly is happening over the last few eps. it seems the writers were fried out of their skulls and went completely off the tracks while writing this last arc. i've never been so confused watching something like i am right now... and i'm not confused in a good way
There is a deleted scene from Dog With Two Bones that shows Grayza taking command away from Scorpius and giving it to Braca. The previouslies come from that deleted scene. Weird, yeah.

The first half of season 4 is pretty crazy, and it took me three times to really get what was going on. So don't fret. Things will make more sense as the season continues.
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