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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

That's kind of the irony behind it - supposedly supporting the cause of Democracy, by using the most undemocratic methods possible.

I like the Pandora's Box element this story takes on. It all starts when they open the "dream box" - the hidden Hebitian city - and all these horrors come flying out of it: disease, riots, murder. They take their toll on the world, but at the end, Garak goes back to the box, and finds the last thing in it: hope, in the form of information about the disease and the confidence to do something about it. Again, that in my original plan, and I only saw that once I'd already written it. It kind of gives a whole new flavour to the "Dream Box" title.

As an aside, Enterprise1981, I see you have a presence on Ad Astra. Do you advise me to set up on there too? Or is it mostly the same people who come here? And how does it work exactly? Thanks in advance.

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