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Re: My MicroHeroes

U.S.S. Silverfin NCC-4470 (2371)

Captain Hilgrat Ja-Inrosh - Commanding Officer (Efrosian)
Commander Susanna Leijten - First Officer (Human)
Lt. Commander Amorin - Second/Chief Engineering Officer (Benzenite)
Lt. Commander Yerta hijan Moqs - Chief Medical Officer (Tellarite)
Lieutenant Si Hrezel - Chief Operations Officer (Saurian)
Lieutenant Ling-Na - Chief Tactical Officer (Human)
Lieutenant JG Marcus Graves - Chief Flight Control Officer (Human)
Lieutenant JG Elak ko'Parr th'Shaan - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (Andorian)
Ensign Harriet Llewellyn-Smyth - Flight Control Officer (Human)
Senior Chief Petty Officer Syva - Chief of the Boat/Security (Vulcan)
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