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Re: First 20 Pages of The Struggle Within Available on S&

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76 pages at most and it's $5.99. This is way out of line.

Peter David's The Camelot Papers eBook was 100,000 words and $4.99. Jennifer Pournelle's Outies (a sequel to The Mote in God's Eye by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle) was 110,000 words and $2.65. Tony Lee's Dodge & Twist eBook was 85,000 words and $2.99. All eBook originals. (They're the last three that I bought.) All significantly longer than Struggle, all priced less.

I admit that the economic model is different for these eBooks than for a Star Trek eBook. All three of these are, essentially, self-published, and the writers worked without an advance, so the overhead costs are less. And they don't have the licensing fees and such built in that a Star Trek book would have.

I think $2.99 would be a more realistic price point for Struggle; a publisher can charge a little more for an established property. $5.99, however, isn't competitive on price or content, and if Pocket is attempting to put a toe back in the eBook pond, that price point may not get enough nibbles for them to continue.
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