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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 3: Plan of the Drahvins
Sub Chapter 3-Enter UNIT

Part 2

“The fleet is approaching, Mistress,” Drahvin Soldier 4W32.iii said.

“Excellent,” Kellira said. She was sure that they would be successful in establishing their base in the Azores before the day was out.

The UNIT fleet moved in towards the city of Ponta Delaga. But the Drahvin fleet was passing through the upper levels of the troposphere as they took up their positions over the city. The Battle of Ponta Delaga was about to begin.

The Doctor, his companions and Captain Anderson were looking at the tactical display on the secure viewer. “It looks like the Drahvins are surrounding us on all sides, including upwards,” Jia’hale said.

“It does look like that, but we are prepared. All we can do is hope for the best,” Captain Anderson said.

“The UNIT fleet has been surrounded, Mistress,” 4W32.iii said. Kellira looked at the display and noted that their forces had indeed surrounded the UNIT ships, boxing them in.

“Open a channel to the lead ship!” she said.

“Yes, Mistress,” another of the soldiers, 4W31.iii.iip, said.

“We are receiving a signal from the Drahvins,” Geraldton said.

‘That’s unexpected,’ Sigrun thought.

“On the screen, please,” Captain Anderson said. Kellira appeared on the screen.

This is Kellira, High Admiral and Commander in Chief of the Drahvin forces in this system to the commander of the United Intelligence Taskforce fleet and the Time Lord known as the Doctor. I ask that you surrender, or your ships will be fired upon and destroyed.

“Doesn’t mince words at all does she?” Sigrun asked, rhetorically. ‘She is quite consistent,’ she thought.

“This is Roberta Anderson, Captain of the UNIT ship Valiant II and overall commander of this fleet. We refuse to surrender to those who invade our planet for any purpose.” The tone of her voice showed her resolve to defend Earth at all costs.

Then prepare to die!” Kellira said, her voice showing the full intent of her threat...

“You know that I won’t surrender ‘Ira. But I ask you, this one time, to leave Earth!” the Doctor said.

I will not leave Earth until my purpose is realised, Doctor,” Kellira said, and she cut the signal.

“Whatever her purpose here is, she wants to carry it through,” Felicia said. Sigrun knew Felicia well enough to know that she had been hoping that the situation could be resolved peacefully.
‘Unfortunately, Felicia, that is not the case,’ she thought.

“Yes, that, and if she abandons her plan without a fight the Matriarchy will declare her an outcast. She would then have a price on her head,” the Doctor said. Sigrun knew what the Doctor meant...

‘There is absolutely no chance that she will give up,’ she thought.

Kellira sat back in her chair with a huff.

“Tell the ships to open fire. Destroy all of the ships except the Valiant II. Capture the Valiant II and the TARDIS which should be aboard,” she said. She wanted the TARDIS, but she wouldn’t have been able to capture it earlier, what with those two rather competent companions...

The Drahvin ships opened fire on the UNIT ships with energy weapons. Two ships, the Manchester and the Yamato, were destroyed almost instantly. The rest of the ships, including the Valiant II were engaged in evasive manoeuvres.

The UNIT ships then returned fire, with lasers and plasma guns, which struck the shields of the Drahvin ships, weakening them. Then missiles were fired, most of which penetrated the shields and detonated on contact with the hulls of the ships. One Drahvin ship was destroyed, when several missiles impacted its engineering decks, one after the other. Each penetrated deeper, until the final missile damaged the containment mechanisms of one if its fusion reactiors...

Kellira saw one of the sensor blips indicating one of her ships blip out. “A ship has been destroyed! Launch fighters!” she commanded.

“Message acknowledged, Mistress,” 4W32.iii said.

Most of the Drahvin vessels launched swarms of fighters. They moved in on the UNIT ships and opened fire...

“There are too many of them, Captain. The Brisbane has sustained hits to its lift pods and is beginning to fall,” Franks said.

“Do you think, Kellira, that we would not be prepared for this?” Captain Anderson asked.

“Begin flight operations!” She said.

“Begin Flight Ops, Begin Flight Ops, Begin Flight Ops,” Geraldton said.

Affirmative,” came the reply from most of the ships.

From the UNIT ships, many fighter jets began taking off. They were mostly Harrier-based jumpjets, but there were many of the more traditional variety also. Helicopter gunships also took off. Almost immediately they began to take on the Drahvin fighters.

At the bottom of the battlefield, the Brisbane was having difficulty remaining aloft.

On the Brisbane's bridge, the crew were running about, amid sparking consoles. "It is no good, Captain. The antigravity stators in the aft and starboard pods are damaged beyond repair, and the last strike severed the primary and secondary power lines to the fore pods. Also the cooling systems for reactors 2 and 3 are damaged. I estimate that we have 5 minutes to evacuate the ship!" the chief engineer said.

"Thanks, Commander," the captain said. 'No doubt about it then,' he thought. He looked at the Drahvin ships on the viewscreen. 'You may have had bested my ship, but you won't defeat UNIT,' he thought. "Prepare to abandon ship!" he said to the bridge crew.

The bridge crew began to prepare to abandon the ship.

The Brisbane began to withdraw from the battlefield, pulling away from the city. Soon, another explosion shook the ship.

"It's done for, Captain. The power to the fore pods is about to give out. And the aft pods have failed! We have to abandon ship!"

The captain hesitated for a second before giving the order that every captain hated to give. "All hands, Abandon ship! Repeat, All Hands, Abandon Ship!"

Escape pods started leaving the ailing Brisbane as more explosions occurred and the ship started dropping.

The engines finally gave out, resulting in the ship plummetting 300 metres into the ocean. The resulting wave swamped most of Ponta Delaga's waterfront. The battered remains sunk to the bottom.

As this was happening many of the fighter jets and Drahvin fighters were engaged in dogfights.

“We have lost the Brisbane, Captain,” Franks said.

“Call in the Defender and the Hornblower!” the Captain said.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Geraldton said.

“That is a lot of destruction,” Sabrina said, as she looked at the statistics on the display. ‘UNIT will take a while to recover from this…’

“I agree with you, Sabie, but there appears to be no other option at the moment,” the Doctor said.

The Defender and the Hornblower approached the battlefield and opened fire with their plasma cannons, blasting three smaller Drahvin ships out of the sky, one after the other...
Other Drahvin ships noticed this and began to move towards the newcomer ships.

Kellira took notice of this and watched another ship fall out of the sky into the ocean near the remains of the Brisbane. She opened a channel to her other ships. “Evasive manoeuvres, and launch torpedoes at all ships except the Valiant II, but especially at those two newcomers,” she ordered.

The Drahvin fleet took notice of their commander’s orders and began firing torpedoes.

Many of the fighters, missiles and the plasma weaponry of the Defender and the Hornblower took out missiles, but some still found their targets. Three more UNIT ships were destroyed, with debris raining down near the outskirts of Ponta Delaga.

Captain Anderson could see that the UNIT fleet was beginning to loose against the Drahvins. “Call in the rest of the fleet!” she said.

“Affirmative,” Geraldton said. He signaled the reserve portion of the fleet. “All reserve ships move in. I repeat, move in.”

The Drahvin vessels continued to hammer away at the UNIT fleet as the ships held in reserve moved in.

The reserve ships fired missiles and plasma guns, and launched their own fighter jets and helicopter gunships.
These engaged the Drahvin fighters, trying to keep them away from the ships. Immediately dogfights had broken out and fighters from both sides were falling into the ocean and the outskirts of the city below.

For another ten minutes the forces were equally matched, with equal numbers of Drahvin fighters and UNIT fighters being destroyed. The Drahvins lost two ships to UNIT’s three. Then the lead ship destroyed the Hornblower with a concentrated barrage.

A swarm of Drahvin fighters then zerg-rushed the Defender, knocking its plasma cannon off-line and damaging its lift pods.

A fighter then kamakazied into its flight deck. The resulting explosion crippled the ship, causing it to fall into the sea almost on top of the Brisbane remains, and damaging several surrounding ships. Those ships were then listing, as their engines began to lose power...

“We are losing, Doctor,” Felicia said, looking at the tactical display.

“I am afraid so,” the Doctor said.

Jia’hale looked at the Doctor. It wasn’t often that he made such an admission. “Is there anything else we can do?” she asked.

The look on the Doctor’s face said it all.

“We are receiving a transmission,” Geraldton said.

“From the Drahvins?” Captain Anderson asked.

“No, it is coming from somewhere to the North-East,” Geraldton said.

“On screen,” Anderson said.

Geraldton patched the signal through. A logo of a T made of small circles appeared before changing to another screen. A face familiar to the Doctor appeared.

This is Jack Harkness aboard the Torchwood Institute Vessel Ianto Jones. I see that you are in a spot of bother.”
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