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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

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This is your usual cop out. Voyager was supposed to be about a single ship with a divided crew struggling to survive in hostile space while trying to get home.
It was a plot already done in TOS and TNG, and resolved much faster.

How is that NOT an environment for cultivating interesting characters.
If they were the last survivors of their civilization and their survival led to interesting questions on how they as a species and society would go from there, then there's something.

If they were the only hope for that area of space against a powerful invading foe and the survival of the universe was up to them, then there's something.

If they are just a bunch of nobodies in a situation that other crews easily got out of, and they have little to no reason to get involved in any local affairs or any big adventures, then there's not much there.

How is that less a challenging environment than a war zone?
Because then there's something important at stake from their actions, beyond their own unimportant lives.
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