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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG-R discussion thread!

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Do you feel the same way when you buy a movie and aren't getting the whole thing?
I don't think I ever have, but I'm sure I would.
Because you rarely are. Unless you're watching a movie letterboxed, you're not getting the entire thing. Even if you watch a movie in a fill 16:9 screen you're not getting the entire movie as movies are 1.85:1. (or 5.55:3 or 16.65:9)
While its true that rarely did you ever get the full cinemascope aspect ration for most films on home release (there are a couple, thank god).

But even when it isn't an exact match I prefer to get my home release to be as close as possible (ie best that's available) to the original aspect.

BUt there are two huge differences between tv and general films over the decades.

In many cases films (that I watched at the movies) weren't screened in full (ie partially cropped to fit the theatre screen). So when I got a film 16:9 it didn't seem so obvious.

And unlike most films, this is Trek. Meaning I have seen every single bloody episode many times. From episodes I hate maybe only viewed ten or so times over the decades to episodes that I have watched literally hundreds of times.

The more familiar you are the more noticeable any significant aspect changes will be in your viewing habits. And frankly nothing is more familiar to me then televised Trek.
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