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Re: Christina Hendricks: Babe of the week #38 (Sept. 2011)

Could've sworn we already had Christina Hendricks at some point.

Anyway, this is a tough choice. I think her looks are way over-rated by many, and mostly focused on one particular aspect of her. People just seem to look at her and go "OMG!!! Big BOOBS!!!!!!! " and then lose their mind.

For my personal tastes I find them "too big" and, well, in certain light, makeup and hair conditions I don't find her face all that pretty.

I'm inclined to vote "down" on spite since I know all the big-boob lovers out their will instantly go to "up." But I'm settling on Sideways.

She's just okay in my book. If you look past her large chest there's not much more to go ape-shit over.

Don't let Sci or Trekker see the 8th picture or we'll have another shit-storm.
That's an in-character shot of her smoking. No biggie. Also even if she does in real life it's no big deal as her smoking doesn't impact her attractiveness as a)I don't find her that attractive and b) she "seems the type."
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