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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG-R discussion thread!

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Squiggy, there are easy shots and there are hard shots. I'm sure a lot of the shots are easy to crop. The problem is, you need to crop every shot of every episode. All it takes is one or two shot that are too difficult to crop and it ruins the entire episode.

If you check this thread, I submitted a couple trickier shots. Someone tried to make them 16x9, but the results were noticeably crowded and worse than the original.
Actually, that's subjective (as anything dealing with this would be), but I think the first attempt shot is pretty good. Here's my go at it:

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If they screw this up with widescreen, my enthusiasm for this project goes from 110% to 0%.
My enthusiasm would go from 20% to 80% if it is a well done widescreen conversion.

If people want to watch it in "widescreen" they can hit the crop button on their remote, instead of chopping off part of the picture permanently.
If it can be done well, it will be at the hands of professionals and not your television. The part of the picture that gets cropped is unlikely to have anything more interesting going on than the additional image on the sides has.

I challenge anyone claiming that a widescreen crop could be done, to produce a decent looking crop of the following two fairly standard shots.
I'll take your second one first. Riker was speaking therefore he was the center of attention:

As for your first one, it depends on who's currently talking...if Riker or Worf then this:

If Picard or Troi then this:

If all for are having a go at it then you're going to either use the Riker/Worf framing or do a vertical P&S.
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