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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

It won't happen of course, but part of me would love to see Netflix go out of business, if only for the symbolism. It has been destructive to so many businesses and jobs in the video rental and sales arena, that it would give a bit of satisfaction. It won't stop the tide of course, but I'm sure it'll make some former Blockbuster employees on the unemployment line crack a smile.

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So, their subscriber base dropped by less than 2.5%, and their revenue increased by between $10 and $15 million. I've got to say: that really doesn't sound all that bad for such a major pricing change.
Except remember that this is a world where a 1% change in anything is considered a "civilization ender". The only reason the revenue went up is presumably due to prices being raised or some extra revenue going in. And this also assumes the bleed stops at 2.5%. It's not something they'll be able to ignore if it becomes 5% and goes north from there.

Thing is, price changes are great if you have a monopoly. As noted, Netflix no longer has a monopoly, plus there's still a huge number of potential customers who will simply keep downloading for free through the various channels, and what's happening with Netflix isn't really giving them incentive to change their evil ways.

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