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Re: Once More, With Feeling: my big Buffy/Angel canon rewatch/reread/r

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I haven't seen this thread for a while. Just been reading from Surprise; DevilEyes I love your analysis of these episodes! Very in depth.

I maybe liked Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered more than you. I think the only thing I can say in its defense is that it was still relatively early in the show's run, in regards to letting Xander off easily for his spell going awry. But then you still gave it a 3.5 anyway despite its logistical problems, so I don't know what I'm on about really!
Heh. Well, I liked a lot of other things about it, and it could have gotten a 4 if it wasn't for the issues I have with the ending. 3.5 is a rating I usually give to episodes that are outstanding in some ways, but have some deep flaw, e.g. Welcome to the Hellmouth - excellent pilot if it weren't for the cheesy production values, music and some of the acting; The Pack - would've been the first to get a 4 if I didn't think the ending was a cop-out; Surprise - too much schmaltz.

I think my ratings go something like this:
1- awful without any redeeming qualities (no episode so far has gotten this; I doubt I'll give it to any of the Buffy episode, but there's just one Angel episode I really despise and I'm reserving that rating for it )
1.5 - awful but has some redeeming qualities (Teacher's Pet)
2 - quite bad, I would go as far to call it awful (Some Assembly Required)
2.5 - has some things going on for it but is still below average for some reason (The Harvest - cheesy production values, music and acting, more obvious than in WTTH, and a too happy ending that I have a real problem with; Reptile Boy, Bad Eggs, etc.) These aren't episodes that I dislike, but they've go serious flaws
3 - OK/good episodes, just not outstanding, in Buffy terms (Witch, The Dark Age, Phases, etc.)
3.5 - episodes that are outstanding in some ways (lots of great dialogue, memorable scenes...) but have some really big flaw at the same time, or episodes that I like a bit better than the average Buffy episode
4 - excellent episode (Halloween, Out Sight, Out of Mind)
4.5 - great but just falls a bit short of the perfect rating (Prophecy Girl)
5 - great episode, the show at its absolute best (Lie to Me, Innocence)

And to make it clear, when I'm deciding on the rating, I'm comparing the episodes to the other Buffy episodes, not to the quality of TV in general. So, for instance, an episode like Phases is an average Buffy episode, but much better than average for TV in general, because Buffy is better than a lot of crap or average shows out there.
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