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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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While I think yeah, it's probably not wise to let Starz get away, I don't know that I agree its all doom and gloom already from here on out.
Well, it's not just the Starz issue, it's the fact that big studios are starting to get a little stand-offish with Netflix, because when Netflix stock goes up, "it's great!". When it goes down, "it's great!". A PR team who absolutely utterly sucks at their job, because I love Netflix and even I can see they're saying a bunch of bullshit no one really believes. The dumb thing? The CEO says that losing Starz isn't a big deal. Now, if I were a studio, I'd wonder why a business like that is willing to tell a major provider, within earshot of everyone else, that they don't need them. I'd start looking elsewhere, because it means most likely said company isn't going to play ball, and the PR team makes it all the worse.

While they're not doomed, the current trend is that they will be if they stick to this course of deny and divide. Their shares are dropping, studios are walking away, they've lost a million customers due to bad PR and a 160% price jump, yet they forecast a major increase in subscribers in the face of all of that. Unless they pull their collective heads out of their asses, they're going to make the old Blockbuster stores look like an efficient business model.
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