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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

I think I may have found a solution (other than VirtualBox) to the >2GB RAM problem with Armada I on Vista/Windows 7. I'm posting it, because it seems like no forum that turns up on Google searches of the Armada RAM issue have this.


While on XP one could use /MAXMEM in boot.ini to set the detected RAM to 2GB, this wasn't there in Vista and 7.

I decided to see if there was an equivalent; Google-fu turned up this page:

So, doing this:

bcdedit /set TRUNCATEMEMORY 2139095040

In an (administrative) command prompt, should do the same thing as setting /MAXMEM in XP's boot.ini.

When you're done playing, using this in a command prompt:
bcdedit /deletevalue TRUNCATEMEMORY

To restore your full RAM amount.
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