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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

The information in the article isn't surprising. And I think that one dude who said the quote about taking the beef away from the buffet was right on about the drop. It's not that the price increase was that outrageous or that streaming/DVDs isn't worth the $10 or whatever it is you'll pay now, but it's that before you felt as though you were really getting a great deal, a steal, something no other company could offer. It was that awesome buffet in town with the really great food that was somehow super cheap. But once they take away that something extra, it's just another restaurant, and instead of thinking, "yes, let's go there tonight, it's a great deal!" you just think, "well, we could go out tonight, but maybe we should just save some money and stay in instead."

But, we all knew it was too good to last forever. I moved to the streaming only plan, and after I finish getting through all of Voyager and TNG, I think I'll probably cancel Netflix altogether.
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