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Re: M'ress appreciation thread

M'ress looks great in that WOK uniform.

Who'd love to see her with Arrex in the next ST movie?

There's just something appealing about catgirls as they have enchanted men for years just like Mermaids, elves or fairies have. Even the Japanese dig them, in cartoons and games there has been catgirls that some guys dug over the years let it be M'ress, Cleo from Heathcliff, Callie Briggs from Swat Kats, Felicia from Darkstalkers, Cheetara from Thundercats, Aishia Clan Clan from Outlaw Star, Jenny from Bucky O'Hare, cheetah on Justice League, Mirage from Aladdin The Series, Puma Sisters from Dominion Tank Police, Kit Mambo from Animalympics to even Selena Kyle on that one Batman TAS episodes where she turns into a REAL Catwoman, all cuties.

Now would a Caitlain/Human fusion offspring would look like it has a human body and human face with cat-ears and tail?

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