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Alliance Fleet


Throughout history, few have had the power to control the destiny of their fellow kind. Crew Member, the blood and heartbeat of any vessel skilled hands at a moments notice. Department Head, the backbone of operations on any starship, dedication without hesitation. Commanding Officer, the calm during the storm, sacrifice and fortitude.

In a time of unsettled disputes and mounting tensions, in an era of exploration and advancements, the vessels and stations of the Federation are the foundation, the men and women who serve within them our guardian angels.

Alliance Fleet, the front line of the Federation, the break wall holding back the flood. War always looms, soldiers are needed. Discoveries and advancements await, explorers are created. Join the men and women of Alliance Fleet today, and be one of the few who have a say over the destiny of the Federation.

Join the crews of...
Deep Space 31, Starbase Sabre, USS Warden, USS Hotspur, USS Tiberius, USS Daemon, USS Ark Royal, Marsia Academy, or the SS Stormbraker.

Alliance Fleet is also always seeking capable Commanding Officers and Crew.

For more information about joining Alliance Fleet or one of its SIMs, please visit
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