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Re: First 20 Pages of The Struggle Within Avaiable on S&

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It's meant to be an e-book. E-books are a much bigger thing now in the market than they were a few years ago, and this is Simon & Schuster's attempt to get back into that market with Trek. And it's only 25,000 words. It's a novella, not a novel.
Then maybe they should price it as such - it's impossible to justify paying $6 for a 25,000 word novella when I can get a full 100,000-word Trek novel for the same price.
S&S needs to learn how to price eBooks. Look at the prices of the individual SCE eBooks.

76 pages at most and it's $5.99. This is way out of line.
"Way out of line?"

It's not like there's an objective standard for what is or is not an appropriate price for a minor luxury item such as a Star Trek novella.
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