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M'ress appreciation thread

A thread for those who like this character.

I think she is one of the most underrated characters ever in the the ST universe, she deserves more attention and gets fan art now and needs an action figure.

26 years ago when i was 4 watching the animated show on Nick, i had a crush on her and it was her with Cleo from Heathcliff and Cheetara that started my fascination with catgirls. This Caitlan beauty had such a sexy voice and a good personality as well.

Now if a man mated with her or any girls of her Caitlan race, what would the offspring of a human and caitlan look like? would it be a full caitlain or a weird fusion of human/caitlan? would the baby be adorable or a freak?

I mean there are hybrids in the ST universe including human and other alien race mixes like everyone's beloved Spock who is human and vulcan for instance.
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