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Re: "Ghostbusters" Theatrical Re-Release for Halloween 2011!

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I can't see this being a wide release, but I'll check it out if it comes here.
Right now, it's UK-only, since the distributor is based in the UK. This is also the company that handled last year's Back to the Future re-release, however, and that landed at AMC theaters.

But as Sony hasn't come out with any announcement yet as to whether it will be a wide release, and a middleman is handling the distribution, it currently looks as though this will be more of an "Is this theater going to request the print to show it or not" kind of thing -- and it would likely be limited to areas in which it would do extremely well.
Where did you hear it's UK only? That's "Jurassic Park" from what I've heard. It's the one UK-only. I've heard nothing about "Ghostbusters" being such.

Everything so far has been from the official GB facebook page and nothing there has made any mention of any other country. is claiming...

"Ghostbusters" will get a fairly wide theatrical re-release next month, just in time for Halloween. The print will be digitally re-mastered, as most things are nowadays, but I don't think you have to worry about director Ivan Reitman pulling a George Lucas and adding any unwelcome changes.
Dunno where they got that from; the dozen other sites reporting this have the same basic announcement.
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