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Re: Kirk and the Prime Directive.

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Both of these might be case where contact was initially made prior to the Prime Directive as a Starfleet policy, and so continued contact was "grandfathered" in.
Actually based on the conversation regarding the Federation Starship Horizon in Piece of the Action the Prime Directive went into effect nearly a hundred years ago.
No, dialog says that the prime directive was nonexistent a hundred years prior to the episode, with no mention of when it came into effect.

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Even through traveling slower than light, the ship in that episdode was interstellar.
Spock: Captain, informing these people they're on a ship may be in violation of the Prime Directive of Starfleet Command.
"May be" a violation? Spock is perfectly capable of presenting his Captain with definite factual information. Spock's uncertainty could be the result of the prime directive's exact terms being in a state of constant flux.

I'm reminder of the old Epiphany Trek website, the last of it's seven point take on the Conundrum of the Prime Directive was "These rules are suspended for those that make war on us."

Yonada did fire missiles at the Enterprise. A act of war?

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