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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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The Kevin Smith script unfortunately was flawed due to Jon Peters constant inane suggestions. Kevin basically had to alter the Superman story he really wanted to tell.

Maybe one day we will get an established Superman story. The first X-Men movie wasn't an origin movie so there are examples. It's also a matter of what kind of story the studio wants told. I'm guessing the starting from scratch mentality has to do with the critical back lash "Superman Returns" got.
I remember Smith complaining about Peters incessantly demanding a giant spider, it was funny and the guy comes off as really dumb, but I always sort of took that with a grain of salt.

I mean, iirc, the villain was Brainiac, and there's no law that says Brainiac has to look like a certain thing. (Except the color magenta should be involved.)

ObiWanShinobi wrote:
Zack looking an awfully like Mark Ruffalo these days. Thats awesome though JA! Too bad you couldn't get that close to Nolan.
It's weird to finally see a photo of him, because--I realize now--that for years I've been picturing Zack Snyder as Zack Morris.

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