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Re: The most disliked episode of DS9 - Part Three

Yeah, I have to think long and hard about putting 2 above 4 and sometimes it drops anyway. You're absolutely right -- it has more awesome episodes than the fourth year but that middle stretch is pretty painful to get through.

I would say "The Muse" is probably the worst episode of the fourth season but it's not as bad as four or more second-season outings.

That opening arc in the sixth season is terrific.

Everything you said about why the seventh season is at the top for me is exactly how I feel, except of course that those lesser elements don't quite bother me as much as they do most people. I'm also an Ezri fan. It's true that introducing a new cast member in the final year of a dramatic series can (and to some extent did) cause problems but I enjoyed her development enough to let it slide.
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